- Mission & Objectives

The mission of the University of Madina Munawara (UMM) is to provide world-class medical education and develop and train 21st century Islamic scholars in the medical/health field that are not only well-rounded health professionals, but also caring doctors who practice medicine according to the true teachings of Islam. The main objective of the UMM is part of the Madina Regional Government’s Vision Medina plan to restore and promote Madina as the knowledge capital of the Islamic World as well as internationally recognized as an advanced 21st Century digital city. With its glorious past, the setting up of the university is aimed at bringing the best and brightest of the world’s scholars, and to produce the next generation of health professionals and leaders in the field of medicine and allied health. The university not only aims to place Madina on the global knowledge map, but also to develop and bring in investments to further enhance and develop the name of Madina, the Islamic Science and Education City of the 21st Century. To accomplish the mission, the specific objective of the UMM is to be a leader in health care personnel education, achievement of a research niche, and the provision of health care services that contribute to the well-being of the people and nation building. This is accomplished by:

• Producing graduates for the health care industry with strong learning    foundation for further advancement.
• Nurturing graduates with Islamic moral and ethical values so that they    become caring practitioners of health care according to the teachings of    Islam.
• Performing research that combines fundamental and applied sciences with    cutting edge technologies.
• Generating and disseminating knowledge;
• Providing health care services of a good standard of safety and efficacy;
• Institutionalizing the governance of transparency, efficiency and   dedication.